How to pay off a Christmas loan?

A quick payday loan for Christmas – remember that you will have to pay it back

A quick <a href=payday loan for Christmas – remember that you will have to pay it back” />

Most Poles spend Christmas in the family circle. Although it might seem that this form of celebration consumes less resources than e.g. a foreign ski trip at that time, family Christmas Eve is not cheap at all. In the preparation for a joint supper, many countrymen reach for Christmas payday pay. As with any financial decision, this should not be done lightly.

Before you take a loan for Christmas, remember that:

  1. it’s not worth taking on obligations that are beyond your capabilities;
  2. loan is the last resort;
  3. when you apply for a loan matters;
  4. you should precede your decision with an in-depth analysis of the various offers;
  5. submitting several applications at the same time spoils your creditworthiness.
  6. First of all, you need to be sure that you decide on an offer from a reliable lender. This can be easily checked in the register under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, it has been in operation since July 2017. Start planning your Christmas expenses in October, but wait for December until Christmas. Most non-bank companies offer 30 days to pay back. It is worth taking this into account when choosing the date of submitting the loan application. Make sure that in 30 days you will be after the payment and you will not have any significant expenses on your mind.

Do not multiply expenses, take a free payday loan for Christmas

When choosing a payday loan for Christmas, check if you have a chance for a free payday loan. Usually new customers can take advantage of this type of offer.

Payday loans for Christmas for 0 PLN

At NetCredit, you can get free financing up to PLN 3,000 the first time. MoneyMan offers something like a hybrid of payday loans and installment loans. You will get a maximum of PLN 1,500 loan for PLN 0 there. You decide how you want to pay it back: in two installments of PLN 750 each – then the loan period is 61 days or just like a typical quick payday loan – once after 30 days. As for the repayment date, among the above non-bank institutions, you get the most time to settle your liability at LendOn. It is 45 days and the maximum amount of payday pay is 2500 PLN. and Vivus offer a standard 30 days. Both companies also agree on the amount of free payday pay – you can apply for PLN 3,000. The possibility of a free loan is a procedure that attracts new customers, which is really worth using, especially during the holiday season, when additional expenses are not on hand to anyone.

Don’t be fooled by the charm of the Christmas offer


However, remember not to fall into the trap of Christmas promotions. Make a Christmas shopping list and stick to it. Don’t buy what you don’t need just because it has been discounted. Follow the same principle when taking loans.

Reasonable Christmas borrowing

  • Spend extra cash for Christmas only on necessary products.
  • Do not buy a more expensive gift, just because you took a payday loan for Christmas
  • Instead of taking a loan for a gift, it’s better to make it yourself. The recipient will certainly appreciate the effort, and you won’t have to tighten your belt after Christmas.

Something else is a small payday loan that will facilitate the creation of a festive atmosphere, and something else life beyond the state, which undoubtedly brings with it unpleasant consequences, which sooner or later will make itself felt when the rustle of unpacked gifts fades away.

How do Poles get out of the holiday spiral of debt?

How do Poles get out of the holiday spiral of debt?

Many Poles are struggling with a debt spiral, in which some of us fall through imprudent Christmas spending. As the results of the survey commissioned by Jobsquare show, one of the ways to deal with debts is overtime work. 80% of Poles earn extra money. Most of the people who try to improve their home budget choose physical work, although they can usually identify themselves with secondary or higher education.

To avoid having to take on extra work before you take out a Christmas loan, calculate how much monthly budget your current commitments absorb. Include both the funds you spend on loan installments and bill charges. If the sum of these expenses exceeds 50% of your revenues, give up your next commitment. Remember to borrow wisely.

Refinancing the payday loan for Christmas

Refinancing the <a href=payday loan for Christmas” width=”655″ height=”500″ />

30 days pass and you haven’t collected enough capital to pay your holiday payday loan? In this situation, you can use the online loan refinancing option. This involves making a commitment in a partner company that works with a loan institution that is your creditor.

Loan companies with the refinancing option

LendOn – flexible extension of the repayment date

Refinancing with one of the LendOn partner companies gives you the opportunity to extend the repayment deadline by 10, 20 or 30 days. The cost of such a service is determined individually based on the amount of payday pay and the period for which you want to postpone repayment.

Vivus – spread the commitment into installments

The company cooperates with ReCredit lender, offering Vivus clients refinancing loan. It is intended for persons who have already exhausted the limit of standard deferrals. By taking out a refinancing loan, the liability to Vivus is repaid and ReCredit becomes the owner of the debt. The partner company breaks down your commitment into 4 smaller minimum installments and one larger installment that you pay at the end of the loan period. For example, if the amount of the refinancing loan is PLN 3,800, its total cost will be PLN 1,440.57.

Loan payday loan – how does it work?

Loan <a href=payday loan – how does it work?” />

Refinancing the payday loan for Christmas is not the only option to extend the repayment deadline. You can also look for an installment loan to pay off your debt yourself. What’s more, it is a method that allows you to consolidate several payday loans. Its undoubted advantage is the fact that it allows you to spread your debt into convenient installments. Where is the best place to look for help in consolidating holiday payday loans?

Online installment loans that help you restructure your holiday debts – loan up to PLN 10,000 gives the opportunity to take a loan of up to 10 thousand. zł. Such a high credit limit makes it easy to get capital to pay off several payday loans. You will spread the commitment over 24 installments.

Easy Loan – a loan tailored to your needs

Unlike other companies, Easy Loan is an aggregator that will allow you to find the best installment loan offer with one application. In this way you will save time and gain financing optimally adapted to your needs.

AsKredyt – long term loan

The AsKredyt offer is addressed to people who would like to consolidate a large number of payday loans. The company allows you to borrow online installments for up to 15,000. zł. Such a high commitment requires a long loan period, which is why AsKredyt allows you to spread the loan into 36 installments.

Payment – loan without income certificate

A very fast application process is a big advantage of Zaplo. The whole process is completely online. To get a loan in installments of up to 10 thousand. PLN, you do not need to present a certificate of income. Do you have a problem paying off holiday payday loans? Fill out the short form and settle it with the help of Zaplo.

Optima – the highest loan amount

The record holder in terms of the amount of liability is Optima. You can get a loan of up to 24,000 online. zł. Optima offers flexible repayment periods from 6 to 24 months. You will know the decision within a minute, and the money will appear on your account within 15 minutes.

Trouble paying your Christmas loan? Take matters into your own hands

Trouble paying your Christmas loan? Take matters into your own hands

If the loan repayment deadline has passed, the worst solution is to remain passive. It is not worth ignoring the correspondence with loan and debt collection companies. You can’t count on the debt going into oblivion at some point. A more real scenario of debt recovery proceedings is referral to court. To prevent this from happening, you should take specific action.

Start negotiations with the creditor, regardless of whether the debt has already been taken over by the debt collector or the lender is constantly seeking repayment. You can ask for a deferment of the repayment deadline, even after the day when you should pay the liability in full. It will be easier to get rid of debt when the time for Christmas and New Year’s expenses is over. If you are in arrears, try to break down the installment loan.

Debt collection companies often buy debts on online exchanges. They buy them at a price much lower than their nominal value. This gives you room for negotiation. Make calls to cancel interest. Debt collector’s priority is income from debts. Therefore, he wants you to settle your debt and canceling part of the debt will undoubtedly facilitate its repayment. In this way both sides will gain.

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