Loans with guarantor up to € 5,000

In the past, in the beginning, banks worked with individuals and trust between them. In case you wanted a loan, the requirement of the neighborhood bank was to have a reliable person to guarantee it. After that things changed, and it was your automated processes using computer systems that took over your credit score by limiting the number of credits because the credit rating or creditworthiness was not adequate. We know what sort of person feels to be refused a loan and that is why we now have created MoneyMas, a loan organization that modernizes the allowing of loans, returning to the foundation.


Decisions made by actual people

We do not let computers to decide if the clients can access financing. The most important thing for us is that you possess the necessary capacity to be able to pay back the loan and have a buddy or family member who trusts you in order to guarantee the pay back of the loan in case you usually do not. Before granting any mortgage, we will have a telephone discussion with you and your guarantor. Our own decisions are based on common sense.


No additional expenses

When difficult times arrive the last thing you need is for anyone to take advantage of your money. We can just charge expenses for past due payments.


What happens whenever things go wrong?

What happens when things go wrong?

We all charge the maturities in the same manner as any lender would. In case a payment is not made whenever due, we will send you a good SMS to remind a person. If we continue without getting, we will call you and send an email to find out if something happens to be wrong. Our priority would be to solve the unpaid deadline so that it does not become a significant problem. Obviously, as our financial loans are guaranteed by a guarantor, if a borrower does not pay out it will be the guarantor that will have to do it. In not so common cases, when we usually do not charge either the debtor or the guarantor, we will complete the case to our recovery division.

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