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Donlen – leader of the June ranking of Positive loans

Donlen - leader of the June ranking of Positive loans

Donlen has been a leader in the entire short-term non-bank loans market for months. Why? The principle of healthy competition works here – it’s simply the best loan. A new customer can get it for free for an exceptionally long 45 days and up to PLN 3,000.

Great conditions alone are not enough to get first place in our ranking. Donlen has something else – it is easy and convenient to get it. Especially if you use super-fast verification with the Instantor service. Then you can get a loan at Donlenie in up to 15 minutes,



Felfort gives way to Donlen just in popularity. Also here you will get a loan for free for 3000 PLN and 45 days. The maximum loan amount for regular customers is PLN 6,000.

We value ExtraFelfort especially for our commitment to security and ethics. All contracts and regulations are available on this company’s website before submitting a Positive application. A big plus of ExtraFelforta is also availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and rapid processing of applications.

NetLoan on the podium of the Positive loans ranking

NetLoan on the podium of the Positive loans ranking

NetLoan is a regular visitor in the rankings, because it has been operating on the Polish market since 2011 and the quality of its offer has been noticed by experts more than once. This is one of the institutions most liked by clients – NetLoan managed to win the Service Quality Star in 2018 – an award recognized by 10 million Poles.

NetLoan organizes interesting promotions for its clients. Recently, you could win a gift card for the Decathlon store. However, the best NetLoan promotion is somewhat hidden from the eyes of a loan layman. Usually, a free loan can be taken for 3,000 PLN, which must be repaid within 30 days. However, if you enter the NetLoan website through netLoan61.pl, this time extends to record-breaking for 61 days!

Plus loan – a big PLUS for this company

Plus loan can be obtained for free for ‘ordinary’ 3000 PLN and 30 days. However, this is not the company’s strongest point. This lender does NOT check BIK. You can get up to PLN 10,000 for the second and subsequent Positive loans, and in case of problems with repayment, there is a possibility of refinancing. So even if you do not make a repayment, the Loan Plus will give you a lifeline

For regular customers, Plus has a loyalty program called Rabatomania. Thanks to the great discount you can get another loan up to 75%. cheaper. All you have to do is enter the rebate code from the text message or email into the appropriate field when submitting the application.

Kiku.pl is constantly climbing

Kiku.pl is constantly climbing

Kiku’s fifth place is no accident. If the offer and standard of service for this company continues to improve at such a pace, then in the future it may dethrone the leaders of the ranking – so always check the current ranking of Positive loans for a given month!

Kiku offers standard for the best companies on the Polish market PLN 3,000 for 30 days completely free. Further Positive loans can be taken for up to PLN 12,000, which is one of the record amounts among loans of this type. Kiku.pl has an account in eight banks, which guarantees instant loan disbursement to the majority of clients in Poland. The possibility of even double extension for 30 days also sounds extremely attractive. Short-term payment for such a long period is a sensation on the market.

Other places – do they have anything to be ashamed of?

Other places - do they have anything to be ashamed of?

Companies  have nothing to be ashamed of. Their offer can only be a step worse than the leaders and they do not deserve not to be taken into account when choosing Positive pay.

Each company from high positions in the ranking is distinguished by something unique, which may just meet your needs. For example, SolLoan will consider a loan for an indebted person, and you will apply  within one minute.

Positive loan or installment loan?

Positive loan or installment loan?

Some of the Positive loans in our ranking can be raised for really high amounts – 10,000 PLN or more. Before you take out a loan for such a high amount, think about whether you can actually give away that money in a short time. If the answer is negative, maybe you should consider an installment loan?They are as cheap, easy to get and safe as Positive loans. The only significant difference is a longer repayment period and higher installment loans. The longest of them can be repaid for several years. If you need a loan for an even higher amount and longer period, check our cash loan ranking.

Choosing the best Positive pay is not easy these days. Competition on the market is strong enough that from month to month the positions on the list can change radically. All market leaders offer loan promotion for free, so we could not take into account the cost of Loan when preparing the statement. In determining the position in the ranking, factors such as: customer service quality, security, popularity, promotions and ease of obtaining a Positive were important.

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