Where to ask for a loan or loan in Guatemala?

When you need to rely on a loan many are the entities that can give it to you, however, not all of them suit you or have facilities to offer you loans without collateral. One of the most common reasons when requesting a loan is the urgency with which money is needed, for emergencies, purchases, necessities or some special reason.

There are entities where personal and guarantor paperwork fly an eternal process to get that money. Others require a barter, that is to say of some good to be able to give it to you, nobody wants to lose something to receive money, this would eventually be much more expensive, the value they give you is very low compared to the real one.

Where to ask for a loan or loan in Guatemala?

We recognize that asking for financial help is a great responsibility and a great decision, but it doesn’t have to be impossible or a matter of fear. At Good Finance we support you first to evaluate your Financial Health, so that you know how you feel and what you can improve. We also offer you a credit tailored to you, designed and created especially for you and your progress.

We don’t want to say it, we want you to decide for yourself.

What we offer

What we offer

These are the main characteristics of our credits:

  • Fast and easy

You do not need to make long lines, without complications, with basic requirements and with the ease of obtaining your money in 48 hours.

  • Without Surety

The confidence of obtaining a credit that believes in you, without the need for a guarantor.

  • Safe and Transparent

A loan designed for you, with better options

A loan designed for you, with better options

Transparent conditions and backed by a solid company.

  • Payment Point Network

No matter where you are, there is a Good Finance payment point near you. Supermarkets, payment agents, pharmacies, banks. Find them here.

  • Customized fee

To improve your credit record we offer you fees that you can pay, at a convenient time.

We are a company that invests and trusts you, in Guatemalan entrepreneurs, supporting you to achieve your goals and personal challenges through credits that you can use to boost your development and life projects.

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